About Us

At Nib&Lens we strive to be the best, and make you happy

We love what we do – and we are convinced that our advisory and our solutions can only be satisfying if we are satisfied ourselves.


We are Nib&Lens and we create films that inspire action. We move your audience to action with inspirational films and digital marketing tactics that communicate your mission, vision, and services that embody our shared values of Impact, Beauty, Innovation, Wholeness, and Overcoming Adversity.


Our mission is to treat your business as our responsibility to nurture love and nostalgia among people by making video abundant and a part of everyday life.


We make video with a purpose – with a shared responsibility to ensure our clients achieve their objectives. we have a unique approach to how we go about creating films that inspire action. In todays world of marketing, the strength of your brand is the digital media and we are the experts in it.